Can't connect? Invalid Credentials?! That can't be!

If after attempting to connect or refresh your bank connection in Wallet you see an Invalid Credentials error message, take a moment to recover your calm center. Make absolutely sure you are using the same credentials you use to log in to your bank's website. If you are still thwarted, here are two common reasons why you might see this error message.


1. You are connecting through an OFX portal. These banking portals require you to enroll in Direct Connect. Here you will create a separate set of credentials which will grant third parties like Wallet the access needed to update your bank accounts. You must sign up for this program through your bank directly. Some examples which require this are US Bank and many Credit Unions.

2. Your bank requires you to set up another security measure. If your error message says something like, 'log into your Web client to perform an action', check your message center, your settings, or your security page in your online banking site to see whether they want you to set up an additional security step. 


If none of these things apply to your situation, take some deep breaths, relax your shoulders, and then contact us by clicking ''help'' on your mobile device.


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