How to Add a Credit Card?

If we support the bank which issues your credit card, there is a good chance you can add it in Wallet.

Adding Credit Card through Bank Sync 

 1. Under the Bank Sync feature search for the card's issuing bank

 2. Fill in the details about the country and your credit card's bank name

 3. When you connect the bank, your card should appear as an option to connect

However, if it does not appear, please send the following details to the support team 

- The issuing bank of your card

- The last four digits of your card

- Yes or no, when you manage your credit card online, is it through the same website like your other accounts with this bank? Or is it a separate website with only your CC transactions? Either way, a screenshot of this website would be helpful.

With this information, we can let you know whether or not your card can become supported in Wallet. 

Send the information above here

Adding Credit Card as Manual Account

If your bank is not yet supported in Wallet, don't worry - you can add your credit card manually. 

 1. In the 'Accounts' tab, add a new account by clicking on (+) button

 2. Choose 'Manual Input' and fill in all necessary details (name, bank acc. number, type, credit card limit, currency etc.)

 3. Confirm saving the account

Credit Card Balance Setup

You can change how your credit card balance is displayed. When you set up the account

 1. Select the type as 'credit card' by tapping on the Type field.

 2. In the 'Balance Display Options' field, choose either

'Available Credit' (this will show a positive balance of the amount you still have available)

'Credit Balance' (this will show a negative balance of the amount you owe)

This gives you the power to choose how you'd like to view your card's balance in Wallet. 

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