How can I make changes in the data I imported?

Once your files are imported, Wallet generates records from them and auto-categorizes them. You’ll then be able to edit individual Records as usual.

If you find that your data has not been imported the way you want, you can delete the entire imported file and all Records created from it at once.

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    Sergii Gavryliuk


    I have a problem with auto-categorized proces. I have a file with my old data, where "categories" is the same in my accounts at now. But after import app doesn`t recognize any categoies

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    Jorge Lima



    I have exactly the same problem as Sergii.

    The categories I'm trying to import are from the app itself, and mostly none of them are recognized.

    I can't go through them manually because there are hundreds of records.

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    Norberto Guimaraes

    I have the same problem as both previous commenters. Why aren't the categories that I already have mapped being imported?  Most of the auto-categorization is incorrect compared to my manually corrected categories. I am using the same category names that exist in the Wallet app. 

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    There is no possibility to import csv files properly. 

    All the users have the same problem. After importing the csv file,  all the categories are not proper (almost all are the same), nevertheless the categories in application are compatibile with the csv categories.

    How can You sell the subscribtion for this application if this has such a serious bug!?

    The support doesn't answer any mails about this issue!

    IT IS NOT OK! 

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    Gianluca Carrara

    Same issue for me :-(

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