Can I send more than one data file at once?

Yes, you can, provided they are CSV files.

But remember that unique email addresses are generated for each of your accounts on Wallet. So all the files you send to the unique email address will be Imported to that specific account.

For instance, you have two accounts, say, Account A and Account B. You’ll have two, distinct and unique email addresses generated for each of these accounts, say Email A and Email B respectively. So, when you need to Import data files to Account A, you must send these files to Email A and when you have files to be imported to Account B, you must send these files to Email B.

If you cannot find the initial email we sent with instructions to import, you can easily find the unique email address associated for your Account by going to Imports in main menu and clicking on the Account Name in the list given.

The email address will be displayed on a blue bar at the top of this screen.

For an easier way to import please use our web version:

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