How do I import data into Wallet app?

 The Import feature is free in Wallet! *We recommend using the Import feature in our Web app:* How to IMPORT your file on Wallet's WEB version


To import your data file(s) to Wallet through your Android device, follow the instructions below.

  1. Export your data file(s) in CSV format from the source of your choice.
  2. Activate Import on the Account into which you want to import your file(s).
  3. You’ll now receive an email with instructions. Send your data file to the unique email address mentioned in the email as an attachment. **YOU ARE NOT DONE YET.**

Remember, currently Wallet only supports files in CSV, XLS, or OFX format. To learn more, go to our article What format and info does my IMPORT file need?

  1. Wallet will notify you once your raw data is processed. Once notified, you can Import files by clicking on the notification or by going to the Import data section in the side menu.
  2. You’ll now be taken to a screen that shows all your Accounts and Import details.

The number next to the name of each Account indicates the number of files Wallet has received that are ready to be imported. Read more here.

  1. Click on the Account you want to Import into.
  2. Set Import Rules. (See What are Import Rules?)
  3. Click the check mark when ready.
  4. Wallet will now show you how the first row of your data looks as per the rules you have set. Double check your data and confirm by clicking the check mark, or go back to edit rules.

Once your data is imported successfully, you can edit Records individually. Records that Wallet wasn’t able to categorize will be shown to you and you can edit them manually. If you find some errors in the Import, we suggest that you delete your Imported file and start over again.  

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