My data has not been imported right. What do I do?


Records not categorized

If Wallet imported your data but did not auto-categorized, please note that categorization is a Premium feature.

Wallet uses information from your data to auto-categorize it. If your data hasn't been auto-categorized, your file may not contain the necessary information or you may have not set the right Import rules. 

In the future, if you want Wallet to auto-categorize your data make sure that you set the right value for the Note field when you set Import rules.


If you find that your data has not been imported the way you wanted, we suggest that you delete the imported file and start over again.


To delete the imported file:

  1. Go to Imports in the side menu.
  2. From the list of Accounts, tap on the name of the Account you want to delete the file from.
  3. You’ll see a list of imported files. Open the pannel with the file you wish to delete and click on the Delete icon above.
  4. Wallet will ask you if you wish to delete only records or also a file. Choose accordingly.

Remember that once you choose an option to delete records including the file, all the records that were created from it will be deleted from Wallet as well as the file.

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