My data has not been imported right. What do I do?


Records not categorized

If Wallet imported your data but did not auto-categorized, please note that categorization is a Premium feature.

Wallet uses information from your data to auto-categorize it. If your data hasn't been auto-categorized, your file may not contain the necessary information or you may have not set the right Import rules. 

In the future, if you want Wallet to auto-categorize your data make sure that you set the right value for the Note field when you set Import rules.


If you find that your data has not been imported the way you wanted, we suggest that you delete the imported file and start over again.


To delete the imported file:

  1. Go to Imports in the side menu.
  2. From the list of Accounts, tap on the name of the Account you want to delete the file from.
  3. You’ll see a list of imported files. Open the pannel with the file you wish to delete and click on the Delete icon above.
  4. Wallet will ask you if you wish to delete only records or also a file. Choose accordingly.

Remember that once you choose an option to delete records including the file, all the records that were created from it will be deleted from Wallet as well as the file.

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    Mathias Hermans

    I have started over countless times and tried everything I could think of, but Wallet still does not assign my records to the right categories.

    My csv file contains:

    - A main category column, a subcategory column, and a subsubcategory column (if existant)

    - A description column, the amount column and the date column.

    No data is missing from my file.

    I have meticulously used the exact same category (and subcategory and subsubcategory) names from my Wallet in the data file.

    I have tried selecting every category column, and even the note, for the category field in import rules.

    Still, Wallet completely fails to recognize the category name and assign it to that same category.

    The result seems completely random from start to finish, not just a few mistakes.

    Nothing works.

    Please help me!

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    Just the same of Mathias Hermans.

    Please help us!

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    Ravi Garibaldi

    I would be so much easier if budgetbakers provide example import file :)

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    Bert Strobbe

    I'm having the exact same problem, making it useless when migration from another budgetting app.

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    Dominik Lindenberger

    Same issue here when trying to import data from another budgeting app.
    Unfortunately, the CSV import is not usable without correct category assignment.

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    Nicholas Stone

    This bug is infuriating!


    I cannot get the categories to import correctly.  Even when I EXPORT an account, then IMPORT back the SAME file, it STILL randomly allocates categories!

    I noticed that on the preview page everything is correct - categories are identified from the imported file.  However, it seems that the program doesn't act on this when it completes the import.

    Maddening.  I've got nearly 700 transactions which are now useless.  

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    Espen Rud

    I am currently trying out the import, but nothing seems to win over the auto category function. The category field does noe seem to have any thing to say, I tried to change the description feild to contain the category, but even then it did not work 100% it seems like the auto category is using payee as well to choose category. Is there any way to turn it off for import of larger amount of date that has been categorized already? This is very annoying and I am currently thinking about not using wallet.

    The fact that budgetbakers haven't answered any of theese questions about import is also very strange and I start to wonder if this is the right company to use. If I pay for a service to get premium functionality I also want to get support.

    I have got about 5.000 records I want to import and use excel to choose category before import, it is easier for me. I tried without and there were a lot of wrong suggestions from the app, too many to do manually.

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    Fahd Badran

    It is clear budgetbakers don't care at all. This is a very annoying bug that customers are begging to have fixed. Ignoring all these please is appalling.

    I had the same issue a while back, I can't believe this issue is still open. Truly bad service.

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    I am having the same issue. 

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    Tengo exactamente el mismo problema


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    Speaking of lost categories, I have a very sad experience with WalletApp, You can find it here:


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    Stefanie Peter

    I'm confused here.

    I have a .csv file, data from another expense tracking app. I have a "Category Name" column. Budgetbakers app ignores these names _totally_. Not even close when assigning new categories during the import.

    I tried assigning the category names to the notes column, same result. (aka total mess)

    What does "categorization is a premium feature" mean? I have to pay so the app will use the category names I have in my file??

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    Peter Jurčo

    Well, I wanted to give a try to Wallet app, but since my data from another tracking app can't be imported, I am not going to try it.

    I have different categories in my current tracking app, but I can map these categories to the Wallet ones manually in excel, it's not so hard to do. But even when there is a category filled out in the CSV with the exactly same name as in the wallet and I set the column as a column for categories in my import dialogue, it still import totally different category.

    This is extremely annoying and I will stick with my old app.

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    Juan Pablo Di Nápoli

    Al importar archivo Xlsx, las fechas de los registros quedan registradas con 1 día desfasado. En el archivo son correctas, en la vista previa del panel de importación también son correctas.


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    Pengembara Setia

    please show example import file please.

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    Matías Szeftel

    Please Fix this categoy issue. It's an embarrassment. We are doing all the hard work, setting the right same categories, and yet the Importer simply ignores this field. I think I made a big mistake paying for this app.

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    Kenyatta Senior

    Is the Import Tool ever going to be fixed? So far that is the ONLY problem I am having with this App!

    How can you EXPORT an account, then when you IMPORT back the SAME file, it randomly allocates categories!

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