Wallet imported my data, but did not auto-categorize it. Why?

Categorization is a Premium feature.

Wallet uses information from your data to auto-categorize it. If your data hasn't been auto-categorized, your file may not contain the necessary information or you may have not set the right Import rules. 

In the future, if you want Wallet to auto-categorize your data make sure that you set the right value for the Note field when you set Import rules.

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    I'm able to import data, but it is always showing as expenses. I have type "Income" and "Note" in my file which is using for import. I have set the rules also, but I missing these 2 columns in after I set rules.


    please reply to shra1pics@gmail.com

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    Shellie Mason

    I'm not understanding what is the name

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    Ruethairat Kaeokunsri


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    Make my wallet page

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    Mathias Hermans

    I don't have premium, so I have made sure my data should be very easily assigned to the right categories and used the import rules.

    I have started over countless times and tried everything I could think of, but Wallet still does not assign my records to the right categories.

    My csv file contains:

    - A main category column, a subcategory column, and a subsubcategory column (if existant)

    - A description column, the amount column and the date column.

    No data is missing from my file.

    I have meticulously used the exact same category (and subcategory and subsubcategory) names from my Wallet in the data file.

    I have tried selecting every category column, and even the note, for the category field in import rules.

    Still, Wallet completely fails to recognize the category name and assign it to that same category.

    The result seems completely random from start to finish, not just a few mistakes.

    Nothing works.

    Please help me!

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    Suphaporn Sutthisan


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