How do I add a Loyalty Card to Wallet?

To add a loyalty card to Wallet, please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the side menu and scroll to find Loyalty Cards.

2. Click the plus sign on the bottom right corner of the screen and choose Scan Card to add a new card.

3. Scan the bar code of your card till Wallet recognises and stores it. 

4. Add a name and set a color for your card. 

5. Click the check mark when you're done. 


P.S: You can also add a card which does not have a bar code by entering the card number on Wallet. For this click on the Enter Card Number option that appears when you press the plus sign. 

Now that your card is stored on Wallet, all you need to do open Wallet and show your card at the counter before you checkout. You could also create a shortcut for your cards on your Home Screen or enable Smart Assistant to remind you of loyalty cards you've stored on Wallet while you're out shopping. 

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