How do refunds work?

You can request a refund by contacting Google Play or Apple support.

See Google Play's refund policies

*Google Play gives users an extra few days on any subscription due to potential billing issues; your plan will renew after one year or month from the date of your purchase. Because of the extra days this may cause some confusion, as your renewal date will be earlier than the 'days remaining' in your Wallet app.* 

Get help with an item purchased from the App Store  

If you are experiencing technical issues with the app please notify us for further assistance - here. Please note that you must provide us with your Wallet email address, a clear problem description, account details, and screenshots to help us resolve your issue. If any specific issue is not resolved within a reasonable time, we will gladly extend your subscription for the period of time you were inconvenienced.

Note: Please note subscriptions on Google Play and Apple renew automatically unless you unsubscribe. You can cancel your subscription at ANY TIME to ensure your account does not incur any additional renewal charges. WE DO NOT OFFER PARTIAL REFUNDS. 




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