What format and information should my IMPORT file have?

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Your data files should be in CSV, XLS/XLSX or OFX format as Wallet currently supports only these files.

For CSV files, Wallet currently only supports files with the delimiter characters comma (,), semicolon (;) and hashtag (#). If your file has a delimiter character other than these, you could:

  1. Edit the file on MS Excel, change the delimiter character to one of the above, and save it as a CSV file. 
  2. Make a request via this form to our developers for your delimiter character to be supported in future releases.

For OFX files, Wallet supports only files that are formatted as per specifications of the Open Financial Exchange Specifications 2.2. If your file is not formatted so, you could:

     1. Export your data in CSV, XLS or XLSX format and try importing again.


Minimum required information

For Wallet to generate a Record from your data, it must at least have information about the Amount and Date for every transaction. Wallet may not support your file if it doesn’t contain relevant data to match these fields. Please make sure your dates are in English or number format. 

*NEW: Please try Importing your files on the Web!* https://app.budgetbakers.com/auth/login

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    Suphaporn Sutthisan


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    Put all my imports under this:
    It is my direct express card.
    Kathryn DiFrancesco
    5332 4804 3063 3737
    07/31/22 878
    MARCH 1st at 1am eastern time

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    What is My Fargo bank account disable?

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