How do I CONNECT/RECONNECT a bank account?

You can easily add a new bank account to Wallet by completing the following steps: 

1. In the All Accounts screen, click on the Add Account box in the List of accounts.

2. To add a bank-connected account, select Bank Sync

3. Type your Bank's country and name in the search field.

4. Select your banking portal from the drop-down field.

5. Enter your login credentials to log into your bank's site. Depending on your provider you may need to answer additional security questions; every bank is different.

6. Choose your account from the provided options. 

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To reconnect a bank account, take the following steps:

1. Go to Settings > Accounts > the specific account > Disconnect.

Note: Disconnect all accounts with this bank

2. Follow the same steps to reconnect, but search for your country and bank as if not already listed.

3. Enter your login credentials and choose from the list of available accounts.


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