Why can't I delete an account in Wallet?

So you created some accounts in Wallet, and now you want to delete one. But wait, you can't! Why not? Here are the top three reasons why you cannot delete an account you created in your app.


1. It is your only, or most recent, CASH account. Wallet requires you to have at least one Cash account at all times. It will not allow you to delete the most recent Cash account. Workaround: create a second Cash account, then delete the first!

2. It is connected to a bank. You cannot delete a bank-connected account; you must first disconnect. Workaround: Settings > Accounts > the specific account > Unsynch.

3. You have an Import file sitting in this account. You must delete all Import files before you can delete the account. Workaround: Imports > the account > Trash can icon. This will delete all Import files in this account.

Tip: You should also check if you have a Planned Payment, Goal, or Budget connected to this account. Deleting these should allow you to delete that account. 

If you are still unable to delete an account, please send all details here, including the last four digits of the problem account and the bank.

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