How to report a bug, and what to expect.

As a growing app, Wallet goes through frequent changes as our developers implement new features, and iron out anomalies that are found by our internal and external testers and users. We appreciate all the help we can get when it comes to improving the app and all of our users' experience.

If you experience abnormal behavior in Wallet, or a feature that is available on your version is not working, please send us a Bug Report from the app so we can report it to our team to investigate and address. 

First, please check our Features page, as some features are not available on all platforms. 

In Your Report:

Please include as detailed information as possible so that we can investigate and reproduce the issue, such as

  • date and time of the incident
  • how to reproduce the bug/error
  • a screenshot (if available)


What happens with my report?

When we have received your report with the required details (above), it will be forwarded to our development team and fixed according to its priority. If our developers request more information our support team will follow up.

When will the bug be fixed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give information of when a known issue will be fixed. Please follow our Knowledge Base for further information on Top Issues and more information. We thank you in advance for your patience!

Why should I report a bug?

Your bug reports and ideas for improvements about issues you find in Wallet are very important to us. We use this information to improve Wallet apps and our services.

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