How do I MERGE duplicate transactions (Android only)?

To merge duplicate transactions in a bank-connected account:

1. Open the side menu and tap on Records, or go to the specific Account screen where the duplicate Records appear

2. Tap on one of the duplicate transactions to open the "Record detail" screen

3. Tap on the Merge icon (two arrows merging into one) at the top right corner of the screen

4. Confirm the duplicate transaction to be merged and tap OK

5. Tap on the check-mark to save

*Note: you cannot Merge Transfers, only Expenses and Income. 

*Note: Duplicates can only be merged in Android at this time. If you are seeing duplicates in iOS, please report them to our Support Team with screenshots.*

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    Willeam Rijkee

    Nl23abna0571597866 willeam rijkee

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    Denis Ivanets

    Is there any way to undo merging of transactions?

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    Serene Liu

    Hi there, I found duplicate transaction also often happen on my iPhone 6 but unfortunately IOS has no function for merging duplicate transactions. What i can do? I could not delete any record if connect to my bank account. And I have sent your support team a mail a couple days before but no reply!! Can anyone help me?

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    Jaroslav Pančocha

    Rada nefunguje. U daného záznamu je možnost pouze rozdělit, ne spojit. 

    Advice don't work. I have only option to divide it, not merge.

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    Dan (Personal)

    Most duplicate transactions do not show the merge button, only the split button....

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    Dan Maia

    Is there any way to undo merging of transactions?

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