How do I create a BUDGET?

So you want to create a Budget in Wallet Android, great decision! Here's how:

1. Go to the Main Menu and click on Budgets

2. Click on the green circle '+' icon to add a new Budget

3. Name your Budget and enter your Budget's details here. When you choose a Category and/or Label to be included in your Budget, every Record with that Category/Label will be reflected in your Budget. Keep this in mind when categorizing and labeling your Records. For example, if you create a Budget for the cinema, you could rename a Subcategory 'Cinema' to use for this Budget (Main Menu > Settings > Categories)

Note: currently you can only create a Budget in your base currency

4. At the bottom of the Budget details screen you can choose to be notified if you've overspent your Budget, or if you risk overspending 

5. Bam! You're done. Pat yourself on the back or perhaps eat some ice cream. Delete or Edit your Budget at any time 

Tip: You can choose to display Wallet's Budgets and other data beginning on any day of the month you choose. Go into the Main Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings > Initial day of the month to change this setting. 

Note: Budgets are now available in iOS but not on the Web version of Wallet yet. 

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