How to migrate properly from the version 2.5 to 3?

When can I do a migration to the new version? 

In case that your data are in a good shape in the version 2.5.3 (means that you can see all your data) on your device then you are ready for migration of your data to the new version 3.


  1. Uninstall the app from all devices except the one from which you will do the migration and where is the latest version of data.
  2. Install the update. During the first launch of the version 3, a backup will be created to SD card in case of something go wrong. You can find it in the Wallet folder. Note: the backup is recoverable only in the version 2.5.3.
  3. After the first launch, you'll see the process of ongoing migration; it takes a while so please be patient.  Do not close the application until the migration is completed.
  4. Log into your account. Use the same password that you used in the old version.
  5. A new account with all your data and subscriptions will be created on the new server. After your login, all data will be uploaded to the server. 
  6. Now you have all data securely stored on the server 3.0.

Web application

Our new web application 3.0 has a new URL:

Only data stored in the version 3 are visible in the app. The old website is no longer updated. 


Synchronization is automated for all users including free accounts. Changes are uploaded/downloaded immediately after any change.

Something went wrong. How to fix it?

I want to restore BAK file or load data from the old server and migrate again.

ATTENTION: Please backup your Wallet folder on the SD card/internal memory before you start with this approach.
  1. Support team has to delete your new account on the 3 version before you can start with migration. You will loose all data recorded in the new app 3. Please contact us on
  2. You have to uninstall Wallet from all devices.
  3. Install version 2.5.3 from this link: Wallet 2.5.3
  4. You have to restore SD card backup file. Do not login with your account and skip registration process.
  5. Go to Settings -> About and click 3x to the white space on the bottom of the page. 
  6. Text dialog should appear. Click on the button to restore SD card backup.
  7. Reinstall your app with a new version from Google Play. 
  8. Login with your credentials after the migration process is completed. 
  9. A new account on a new server will be created and all old data will be uploaded to the new server.
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