Web app 3.0

Data from the Wallet 3.0 (Android and iOS) app can be found in the new web app: https://www.budgetbakers.com/auth/login

If you have a lot of data on the server (thousands of records) then it can take more time to load your data. Generally it should not take more than a few seconds but it might take a bit longer.

If data does not load, try the following:

  1. Refresh the page via SHIFT + F5.
  2. Try to log out and log in again.
  3. Using AdBlocker or similar extensions for your web browser / PC? Try to turn it off, restart your browser, and reload the page.
  4. Using antivirus or a firewall? Try to end the program and then reload the page.
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    Willeam Rijkee

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    Alejo Valladares14

    Where is the option to put a time stamp in the Web App?

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