How do I delete my entire Wallet profile/account?

If you need to delete your entire Wallet account and profile, please follow these instructions:

For Android users, go to your Main Menu > Settings > Personal Data & Privacy > scroll down to DELETE PROFILE AND ALL DATA.

*(If you only want to delete all of your data but NOT the account itself, go to Settings >  User profile settings > DELETE ALL USER DATA.) 


For iOS users, go to More > Settings > Personal Data & Privacy > scroll down to Delete profile and all data. 


If you delete your Wallet profile this way, IT CANNOT BE UNDONE. The deleted Wallet account will no longer be in our system. 


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    David .Valdivieso

    I think that graphics should be for a desk too.

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    Luis Fernando Cisterna

    How does it work for IOS? Can´t seem to find an option for deleting user data and start over.

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    Paul Nachtwey

    is there any reason, why it is so difficult to delete a connected bank account? Why do I have to delete the whole profile and lose all my previously entered data?

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