Note: Do not confuse widgets described in this article with widgets for Android.

Dashboard contains a summary of information on different widgets. The first dashboard's tab represents all the accounts together, every other tab represents one account separately. The order of tabs (accounts) can be  determined in Settings > Accounts.

Icons on the top:

Accounts (Settings of accounts)

All information in widgets can be affected by the setting of filters and by specific criteria. This setting is available if you tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the widget and select Edit.

Renaming widgets is not possible. 


Widgets in free version of Wallet:

  • List of accounts
  • Balance
  • Balance chart
  • Last records overview

Widgets in premium version:

  • Pie chart
  • Recurrent payments calendar
  • Week record distribution
  • Cash flow
  • Cash flow chart

To add a new widget, tap on the icon at the bottom of Dashboard.

By tapping on a widget, you go over to the particular module of the application or to edit a concrete record respectively. 

if you need widgets to be rearranged, press long the widget name and move it to the new position.

You can reset Dashboard to the default state in Settings.

The important part of Dashboard is the floating action button.






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