Floating action button

In Wallet 3.8 (Android), the multifunction button (also known as FAB - floating action button) has new features:

  1. Account reconciliation - enter the actual balance on your account and the application will automatically create a reconciling record.
  2. Templates - they can be used for quick input of recurring records. Three created templates from the top of the list are shown under the FAB.
  3. Transfer - a transfer record is used for transferring money between user's accounts. Every transfer creates two new records within the same category "Transfer": one as an income and one as an expense. Each for a different account. Transfers can be disabled in the overview by using filters.
  4. New record - you enter here a new record of expenses or income.
Please note that the multifunction button offers all features only on the Dashboard and in a particular account.

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    Marcela Figueroa

    Es buena esta aplicacion

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    Alan Justino da Silva

    Does not show the Account Reconciliation in any accounts. Even for "money" account. Had I made something wrong?

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