Widgets for Android

Widgets for Android's desktop allow you to quickly create records and also easily open application. You can add the unlimited number of widgets to your Android's desktop.

OneClick widget

Balance - shows cash flow for a given period and account. Tap on the (+) in the top-right corner to add a new record. By tapping on the widget, you go over to the recently opened module or on the desktop.

Quick Add Record - to enter a preset record by a category or a template that also affects the design of the widget.



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    Gergely Csécsey

    I have problems with the Balance widget. I would like to to use it to show the cash flow/balance for all my accounts for all records (all time option). However it doesn't stay in sync with eg. the cash flow chart I can see inside the app. It doesn't register my incomes right (all the expenses appear summed but not all incomes, I can't figure out why or which counts in). Also the balance shows a different value than the Balance widget inside the app for all accounts (shouldn't it be the same amount if I want to consider all the records in the app?).

    Please take a look at it, this widget could be soo useful but it's just not working right! :/

    I'm using Wallet 4.8.1, with Engligh localization, and HUF as base currency.

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