Your base currency is set during the registration of your new Wallet account. Once you set this it CANNOT BE CHANGED. Choose wisely. 

You can then add other currencies in Wallet, in order to add non-base currency accounts.

1. Add a currency (must be done first!)

In Settings > Currencies, tap the [+] button, and search for your desired currency. Or, from the New Record screen, tap on the Currency code > Add > choose from the list of currencies.



2. Set an Exchange Rate

  • Currency - select a required currency to be added (e.g. EUR - Euro).
  • Rate - the actual exchange rate is automatically updated for the current day if the device is connected to the internet. Otherwise, the rate must be set manually in relation to the base currency (e.g. how many USD is 1 CZK). You can also turn off the auto currency updater under Settings > Notification Centre > Currency Rate Updates.

When you are finished with the setting of the rate, save the form.


3. Modify a currency

Tap on the currency in the list of currencies. The rate will be automatically updated if you have an internet connection. You can change the value manually at any time.

4.  How to use currencies

  • Tap to create a new Record.
  • Select the required currency.
  • Save the Record with the selected currency.
  • The amount is converted into the base currency on the Dashboard and in the Overview.

If you want to see the amount also in the second currency (in the Overview), you must deselect Show balance in every Record.


5. Delete a currency

A currency cannot be deleted if it is used in a Record. The Record(s) must be deleted first. See here.

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