Referential currency is set during the registration of a new user account. Although the app supports many world currencies that can be added to the referential, this referential currency itself cannot be changed later.

However, if you need to change the referential currency for any reason, there is the only way how it can be done

But this condition does not affect the option to choose a currency for every account separately. 

1. Set a currency

  • A new record -> tap on the currency code -> Settings -> head to the form with currencies
  • or, Settings -> Currencies.

2. Add a currency

By tapping on the button [+] in the list of currencies, a form for adding a new currency is opened. 

  • Currency - select a required currency to be added (e.g. EUR - Euro).
  • Rate - the actual rate is automatically updated for the current day if the device is connected to the internet. Otherwise, the rate must be set manually in relation to the referential currency (e.g. how many euros is 1 CZK).

When you are finished with the setting of the rate, save the form.

3. Modify a currency

Tap on the required currency in the list of currencies. The rate will be automatically updated in case of the internet connection. You can change the value at any time.

4.  How to use currencies

  • Tap to create a new record.
  • Select the required currency.
  • Save the record with the selected currency.
  • The amount is converted into the referential currency on the Dashboard and in the Overview.

If you want to see the amount also in the second currency (in the Overview), you must deselect Show balance in every record.


5. Delete a currency

A currency cannot be deleted if it is used in a record.

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    Esteban Maddocks

    How can I add a transference between two wallets with diferent currencies? Example: transfer ARS1000 to USD wallet? Is there a way to define a manual rate individually per transaction?

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    Tom Adrh

    1) Potřebujeme mít možnost RUČNĚ nastavit konverzní poměr u bankovních převodů. Reálné částky se mohou velmi lišit.

    2) Automatický update konverzního poměru měn je dobrý tak akorát na výpočet zůstatku, ale na vytváření transakcí je nepoužitelný, protože realný konverzní poměr bude v 99,9% jiný než ten který si aplikace stáhne z internetu. Proto prosím PŘIDEJTE MOŽNOST VLOŽENÍ VLASTNÍHO KONVERZNÍHO POMĚRU PŘÍMO do procesu vytváření transkací. Jinak je schopnost více měn prakticky nepoužitelná.


    1) We need to be able to manually set the conversion rate for bank transfers. The real amounts very differ from computed ones.

    2) The automatic currency conversion rate updated from the internet is good for calculating the balance only!

    For manually creating of transaction it is completely useless because the real conversion rate will be in 99.9% cases different than the conversion rate download from the Internet by the app. Therefore, please ADD the option of MANUALLY ENTERED OWN CONVERSION RATE into the dialog of creating transition.

    Otherwise, the ability of multiple currencies is practically unusable and worthless.

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