Planned Payments (former name "recurrent payments") are available in Wallet Android.

Planned Payments work similarly to normal Records, but with one difference: they are repeated at fixed time intervals. They are also marked with a special icon.

You can choose from these payment frequencies:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

More detailed specifications can be set for each payment, eg. number of repetitions. In the detail screen additional information can be entered (type, category, description etc.).

Recurrent payments include the following additional features:

Inaccurate payment -  This is useful if you don't know the exact amount of the future payment. On the Dashboard, a new widget displays an overview of all inaccurate payments. Payments can be adjusted to the actual final amount by tapping on the icon. The date of the Record is not changed.

For Manual payments, it's necessary to confirm on the Dashboard that a payment actually happened. The date of the Record is set to the date of approval of the transaction. Unapproved Records are shaded grey in Overview.




If the Planned Payment is approved, the transaction appears as a regular Record in Overview.

If you set up a Planned Payment on a specific day of the month (eg. 31st) and the month does not include this day, the Planned Payment will be skipped. Adjusting for "the last day of the month" is not yet supported.

Setting a date in the past will generate payments up to the present. 

Planned Payments are generated automatically (after midnight) one month in advance, and they are shown as shaded Records.

If you're a Premium user, you can use the widget on Dashboard to easily stay informed about your Planned Payments.

Note: Records can be duplicated in a specific case.

Planned Payments are reflected in the Budget feature, you can also see them under "Records", as well as in the Planned Payments calendar and Planned Payments list widgets. 



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  • 1

    I can't find this module Planned payments.

    IOS 11 & web portal

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    Basem Elmasry

    I can't find Planned payments option.

    ios 11.1

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    Harrison South

    Can I enable this to work with the Bank Sync? I'm worried that creating a planned payment will cause duplicate entries

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