How to setup Planned Payments

Planned Payments


Planned Payments work similarly to normal Records, but with one difference: they are repeated at fixed time intervals. 

You can choose from these payment frequencies:

  • One time
  • Recurrent payment

In the detail screen additional information can be entered (category, account, amount, etc.).

Re-currency.jpg Re-currency_2.jpg


If the Planned Payment is approved, the transaction appears as a regular Record in Overview.

If you set up a Planned Payment on a specific day of the month (eg. 31st) and the month does not include this day, the Planned Payment will be skipped. Adjusting for "the last day of the month" is not yet supported.

You can add the card 'Upcoming Planned payments' in the Accounts section at the Home page of Wallet to easily stay informed about your Planned Payments.



Planned Payments are reflected in the Budget feature, you can also see them under "Records" normally or for a more specific search, you can select the filter "from planned payments" 


* While using Wallet on multiple devices, some of which are NOT online, you may duplicate Records from Planned Payments. Offline devices are unaware that the Records have been generated on another device and may create new Records on their own. We recommend having all devices with the app online in order to avoid duplicating the Records.

* We advise you when creating a planned payment not to set a date in the past but in the present/future so that your planned payments are automated correctly.


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