How to use filters?

Filters are used to view the listing of records by the selected criteria.

To create a filter, go to Settings > Manage Filters > Click on the blue button with the (+) sign > Enter a name for the filter > Under "categories" section click on the drop down arrow > Check a category from the list > Click Ok > Click on the check mark on the top right corner to create the filter.


You can edit and sort all created filters under Manage filters option in Settings.

You can filter records in widgets on Dashboard as well as in particular modules - in Overview, Graphs, Reports and Budgets. Select and activate filters either under the funnel icon in the top bar or under the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the widget and then Edit option.

Filters set in the widgets on Dashboard stay activated even when you close the application; they won't stay activated in the other modules and after opening the app there is a need to re-apply filters again.

Text search option goes through notes of records and works with logical operators AND and OR (UPPERCASE!).

Instant Filter - a disposable quick filter that is not saved for the future use.



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