Premium features and FREE plan limitation

FREE plan limitations:

  • Number of accounts - limited to 3
  • Export and Map modules not available
  • Charts - Bar chart and Cashflow chart are not available 
  • Widgets on Dashboard - only 4 basic widgets
  • Sharing accounts: not available
  • No Premium Support

PREMIUM plans:

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Export module - PDF, CSV, XLS export
  • Charts, widgets - all charts and widgets available
  • Sharing accounts between BudgetBakers users - unlimited
  • Map module - heatmap of records, stored GPS positions in one place
  • Premium support

See our pricing.

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  • 2
    Kate Wiliwinska

    The 'pricing' link redirects to the features page so, correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you've made it impossible to check the pricing without downloading the app. Not helpful!

  • 1
    Roman Vrána

    Link called "See our pricing." refers to Features page ( and I cannot see the price here.

  • 0
    Gordon Smith

    Indeed- they still haven't fixed this. How do you find pricing?

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