The "Debts" feature is intended to record simple personal loans. It cannot be used for managing bank loans, credit cards,  overdraft accounts, etc.

Go to the Main Menu > Debts.


A new Debt is added by tapping on the (+) button. Fill in all necessary information and select a proper type (I lend / I borrowed). It is also important to select the expected due date, as the application will monitor this time and display it graphically.  

By creating the new Debt, a record is generated in Overview and is shown by tapping on the eye icon.

If the Debt was partly or fully paid back, click on the return icon. A new payback Record will be generated for the current date.

In settings (the icon in the upper right corner), there is an option to show only unpaid debts.

Please note, a Debt Record will only appear in your Records overview in non-bank-connected accounts. If you create a Debt from a bank-connected account, Wallet will NOT generate a Record in this account, as bank-connected accounts are read-only. You can manually manage these Debts when they are reconciled. 



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