What is your Privacy Policy?


We understand and respect the importance of your privacy. Rest assured that your data is safe with us. It is stored in secured servers. Also, Budget Bakers has been certified by The PrivacyTrust to meet the highest standards of privacy and data control.

We are GDPR compliant. Find our complete Privacy Policy here: https://budgetbakers.com/privacy

If you choose to connect your bank account in Wallet, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Services: https://budgetbakers.com/terms/ and Third Party End User License Terms: https://www.saltedge.com/pages/end_user_license_terms 

Your Account Information and all other data accessed through the Bank Connection feature is transmitted through secured protocols in an encrypted mode and is temporarily stored on our servers. You can also read more about bank-level security here: https://www.saltedge.com/pages/bank_level_security


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