Please note: It is not possible to add or delete default main categories.

To ASSIGN and ADD a sub-subcategory to your Record:

When you add a new Record (see How do I manually add Records (transactions)?) you can assign a subcategory in the Record detail screen: tap on the Category and scroll down. Tap on the Main Category to see the subcategory options. Tap on your choice. Tap on the check mark to save the changes to your new Record. 

The next time you need to assign a subcategory, it will show under the last used categories list.


To ADD your own CUSTOM sub-subcategory to Wallet:

1. In the Main Menu, tap on Settings > Categories.

2. Select any main Category from the list of available Categories.

4. A list of subcategories will be displayed, click on the subcategory you'd like to add upon. Tap on the plus sign (+) that appears to the right of the subcategory description.

5. Type in the name of your custom sub-sub category, select a colour and add a description.

6. Click on the check mark on the top right hand of the screen to Save.


To HIDE/SHOW subcategories:

1. In the Main Menu, tap on Settings > Categories.

2. Tap on a Category.

3.  Choose which subcategories you'd like to Hide or Show by tapping on the blue toggle button on the left side of the screen.


To DELETE a custom subcategory:

1. In the Main Menu, tap on Settings > Categories.

2. Select the custom subcategory you would like to delete.

3. From the Edit subcategory page, tap on the recycle bin icon on the top right corner of the screen, and tap 'YES'.

Tip: To hide a Main Category, hide all of the subcategories under it!

Note: If the category is being used by a Record, you will not be able to delete it until it is removed from all Records. You can use the filter option to find the Records with the subcategory and remove it from those Records. 



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