How do I EDIT/SPLIT/MERGE a Record?

To Edit a Record:

1. Tap on the Record you would like to edit.

2. Under the "Record detail" page make the necessary changes by tapping on the edit (pen) icon. 

3. Tap on the check mark in the far right corner of the screen to save your changes.


To Split a Record:

1. Tap on the record you would like to edit.

2. From the "Record detail" page tap on the split (arrows) icon on the top right corner of the screen.

3. From the "Split record" page tap on the split button. 

4. Create a new Record and enter the category, note, and amount.

5. Tap on create.


To Merge Records:

 1. Tap one of the Records to be Merged. 

2. In the Record detail screen, tap on the Merge icon (two arrows twining into one).

 *the Merge icon may not appear if one or both of the Records are uncleared by your bank*

3. Wallet will detect the other Record. Tap on 'OK'. 


Note: Only Records from bank-connected accounts may be merged. 

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