New categories in Wallet 4

 We are delighted to announce a better way of tracking your money and categorizing your spending. BudgetBakers is employing new machine learning algorithms to sort your records into categories, starting with Wallet's brand new main categories and subcategories.

Now, your recent transactions and all new transactions will be categorized in this new system. Customization will still be possible, but the way it works will be different. Check out our complete list of categories below:


Food & Drinks

  • Bar, cafe
  • Groceries
  • Restaurant, fast-food
  • Food & Drinks - Others


  • Clothes & Shoes
  • Drugstore, chemist
  • Electronics accessories
  • Free time
  • Gifts
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home, Garden
  • Jewels, accessories
  • Kids
  • Pets, animals
  • Stationery tools
  • Shopping-Others


  • Energy, utilities
  • Maintenance, repairs
  • Mortgage
  • Property insurance
  • Rent
  • Services
  • Housing-Others


  • Business trips
  • Long distance
  • Public transport
  • Taxi
  • Transportation -Others


  • Fuel
  • Leasing
  • Parking
  • Rentals
  • Vehicle, maintenance
  • Vehicle-Others
  • Vehicle insurance

Life & Entertainment

  • Active sport, fitness
  • Alcohol, tobacco
  • Books, audio, subscriptions
  • Charity, gifts
  • Culture, sport events
  • Education, development
  • Health care, doctor
  • Hobbies
  • Holiday, trips, hotels
  • Life events
  • Lottery, gambling
  • TV, Streaming
  • Wellness, beauty
  • Life, Entertainment - Others

Communication, PC

  • Internet
  • Phone, cell phone
  • Postal services
  • Software, apps, games
  • Communication, PC - Others

Financial expenses

  • Advisory
  • Aliments
  • Charges, Fees
  • Fines
  • Insurances
  • Loan, interests
  • Savings
  • Taxes
  • Financial expenses - Others


  • Collections
  • Financial investments
  • Realty
  • Vehicles, chattels
  • Investments - Others


  • Aliments
  • Checks, coupons
  • Dues & grants
  • Gifts
  • Interest, dividends
  • Lending, renting
  • Lottery, gambling
  • Refunds (tax, purchase)
  • Rental income
  • Sale
  • Wage, invoices
  • Income - Others



Please note: It is not possible to add, edit, rearrange or delete the default main categories. 

What are categories and how do I use them? 

Categories are labels that help you see how much you’re spending on particular items, such as rent, groceries, or entertainment. When you make a transaction add a record in Wallet and assign a category that makes sense. Categorizing your spending helps you see where your money goes and make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goals.     

How can I add, edit, delete, or rearrange Wallet's default categories?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add, edit, delete or rearrange any of Wallet's pre-existing Main categories. However you can hide and rename Wallet's subcategories. You also have the ability to create your own custom subcategory. 

How do I add a custom subcategory?

Creating your own custom subcategory is simple. To create your own custom subcategory go to Settings >> Categories >> Select main category  >> Select subcategory >> Click on the plus sign (+) >> Type description >> Click on the check mark to Save

For more detailed information, please read our article on how to create a custom subcategory

What happened to my categories in Wallet 3 and what should I do now?

Your categories were automatically assigned to a new semi-fixed structure. For the categories that we were not able to migrate, you will need to manually assign a category

 Read some of our most frequently asked questions and learn more about why we changed categories. 





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  • 1
    Yuri Gural

    I want to delete own category, but I can't, because it is used in transactions.
    I propose. When you delete a category, must be offer to replace them on selected where it is used.

  • 1
    Pavel Moravec

    This is so terrible change. With it I've lost my old subcategories, so Im even not available to show them in filter. This means that now I'm even not able select info about my previous expenses so now I don't know how much money I've spend on past in my subcategories, I cannot show how much I've spend in whole category, which is useless for me.
    This is si bad, now I even don't remember which all subcategories I had, so even if there will be option to give them there again I will not be able to give them all back, because I think that I will not remember them all..
    New system is bad in another thing. Why there is category - category - subcategory? I don't understand the purpose of that second category in line. And in my expense set I'm even not able to select subcategory, just second category, so why is there subcategory?
    There is no category in which I had my previous expenses, so where I can give my expense according to you? To some category which is not even similar to my expense? Really?
    I don't understand how can you even five us version without editing option on new things.
    I believed that even in beta this cannot happen.
    I believe to that this is only in beta version, so I've tried to give up from beta program, but even after reinstalling I still have this new bad categories. Why? I'm still in beta?
    Your support is terrible, I've wrote you mail two days ago, still no answer..

  • 0
    Pavel Moravec

    Maybe I can live with new envelopes and categories if
    I'll be able to rename envelopes and categories
    I'll be able to add new envelopes and categories
    You will give me back my old subcategories, so I'll be able to transfer them to new categories and still see them in filters, so be able to see my past expenses in my past subcategories.
    Your support will react more quickly when you release major changes like this. You know I'm using wallet from version one when Honza does it alone as his private project and even then his reactions was quicker then your reactions now when you have whole support team for it. I understand that you have more customers too then it that past times, but on the other side when you release new major changes like that you must be prepared to react for answers about it as I from my point of view believe.


  • 1

    I agree with Pavel. The new category system wouldn't be so bad if it were a default template we can customise later. As it is, I can take certain envelopes out of their categories, but I can't put them back to where they were. The three level system (envelope, category, subcategory) can work, but being forced to use a pre-set system we can't modify is very confusing and frustrating. Your old customisation function for categories is what made me love Wallet before the beta version came out. I'm now considering switching to another app because I need a personalised budget tracking system and the update isn't letting me have that.

  • 0
    Acer Ylisse

    I don't like this change, not one bit. It makes things so much more complicated, and the fact that my customization is gone? No thanks.

    Please, please, please, that customization was what made this app so great. Don't ruin it.

  • 0
    Michał Wróblewski

    What the hell guys, you've removed all my subcategories and I can't even move subcategories to new system, only the main categories. No one do that to their app customers, you sholud provide migration mechanism and not just remove my stuff. Now the app is useless... What is wrong with you people!

  • 0
    Pavel Moravec

    Michal I've spoken directly with Honza Muller yesterday and he said to me that when you put your old category into envelope (as subcategory) , that old subcategory appears. Unfortunately it will be in the same level as that old subcategory, so this is still useless for me. I didn't try it, because as I said it's useless for me without option to create my own envelopes and categories and option to move my old category into new category instead of subcategorie, so I've going back to version 3 and my subcategories are still there. So from that I may confirm that old subcategories did not disappear.
    And I heard that from today there will be option to hide envelopes? and categories you don't need. Which is good way, but as I said without option to create my own envelopes and categories and option to move my old categories as new categories instead of subcategories it's useless from my point of view and I'll stay on version 3 which is exactly what I need.

  • 0
    Michał Wróblewski

    Pavel, I've logged into web version and it looks like some of my old subcategories were ripped from their main-category parents and put along with them, this leaved a mess that will be hard to clean up (Aaaaargh!).

    Thanks for the hint with ver. 3 still working - I need to find .apk file for this version and install it on my phone.

  • 0

    I appreciate the new hide/show system, but I think the main issue is we're still unable to customise the envelopes and categories. I'd like to be able to edit and assign my own colours, names, and icons. It'd also be great if we can drag the order of the envelopes and categories.

    That said, I'm going back to Version 3 as well. As it is, I need to wait for my bank to be included in the system anyway, so I still can't use the new feature.

  • 0
    José Alvarez Núñez

    I agree with @Yuri Gural!

  • 0
    Pavel Moravec

    Unfortunatelly it dont look like they will give there option to change name of envelopes and categories, their support answer to me, that this structure is needed for neuron site which they try to implement. They say that this new neuron site will be able to categorize my expenses automatically in great way.


    From my side of view this neuron site is useless in version they try to implement it, because it will not be able to give my expenses to property envelopes/categories when that categories dont exist there.

    From my point of view there even may be solution which is acceptable for me (for us) and even for developers and they neuron site.

    Ill be able to make my own envelopes and categories. (which we want)

    I will not be able to modify default envelopes and categories (which programators want)

    Custom envelopes and categories will be internally set up as other. Or as ignored, or something like that. The similar way as if it is envelope/category other. By this this envelopes and categories will be hidden  from or ignored by neuron site, so neuron site will not be affected, when we will not give some expense into our own category.

    I think that this solution will be acceptable by both sides, what other of you think about this? 

    I understand from their ansser that they want to implement neuron site and use our data for learning that neural site about what kind of expense we do, so it will be abel to give the same expenses of other users into enevelopes where most users give the same expense. I dont think that this kind of implemenation is good, I cannot believe that there is no other way then to use our kind of expenses for learning of neuron site (and I till now think that our expenses are so well cipher that they even cannot be used for some analytical tool above them). But I dont know neuron sites that well, so I can polemize with it.

    But no matter on that, I believe that solution Ive wroted there will be solution acceptable for both sides.

    And if not, Ill stay on version 3 which is perfect for me and I will hope that it will work forewer.

    Just one thing - when Ill stay on version 3, neuron site will not be able to learn from me, because there will not be their envelopes etc. So from this point of view for neuron site it will be the same as if Ill go to version 4 and create my own envelopes and categories. So from budgetbakers side now change, so I believe that they can implement to solution Ive ofered..


    What other of you think about it? Or did you received any other info from officiall support then me?



  • 0

    Thanks for the explanation, Pavel - everything makes much more sense now.

    I understand what the team is trying to do, but I need to point out that the new system is not intuitive, so it may be a liability with new users.

    In that case, I'd like to be allowed to customise other things. If I can't edit names or categories, I'd like to at least be able to change things like colour for my personal coding system.

  • 0
    Pavel Moravec

    They wrote to me that change so we can add our own categories may be possible, but its so hard to write now into code of version 4 and for only few users. so that they will not do this. So till more users will have the same problem and let them know (throught rating on google play or through request or something like that) this update will not be possible, which I peferectly understand. If few users will have problem with this new version there is no economcial reason to write it different.

    So only solution I see now is to stay on version 3, pay for this version and wait till version 5 will be out :) 

    Ive asked them too if it will be possible to give official version of 3.9.4 apk somwhere on their pages so we can download and use official version 3 instead of upgraded version from google play (so version 4). Hope it will be. 

  • 0
    José Alvarez Núñez

    Thanks the latest update with "Move custom category to parent category". 👌🏽

  • 0
    Pavel Moravec

    Jose please can you explain to me what you mean by 

    Move custom category to parent category

    ? I saw that they do some update yesterday, but first of all I dont want to risk, so Im staying on version 3 so I cannot try new update now till I find and install some emulator on my windows 10 desktop..

    And second there is no explanation what yesterday upgrade repair or add, so Im not sure if what you write mean that we can now create subcategories and then move them upper as category or if it means something else? So only envelopes cannot be changed now?

    Or if it only means that you can copy your data easily from subcategory to category named by programer (so into that default category in version 4?)

    Or Im misperception what you write? 

    Thanks for explanation


  • 0
    Теодоси Костадинов

    Why? I have been using this app for over a year now i am paying user. Why you force me to re arrange everything I have been doing so far? The default categories don't work for me because I use the app for my business specific categories which are not provided in the so called default one. I am thinking of closing down my subscription and finding a better alternative. I really dont see any logical reason why you would do such a drastic change forcing me to use a default setting which simply is not possible. If this is not changed back to normal I will no longer use this app.

  • 0

    I 3

  • 0

    I want the apk for the wallet app prior to this latest rubbish update or my money back please.
    Nobody cares about bank integration. All the banks advise against it and it would be a stupid thing to do anyways.

  • 0
    Matthew Bowker

    These new categories and subcategories do not work for me as a user. I want the ability to make my own and not have to rely on what you think suits every ones needs. 

    Also, when the change rolled out I was unable to tidy up my expenses by putting them into your new categories without painstakingly editing all transactions that applied.

    Give us the ability to delete these new categories and subcategories so we can arrange our expenses the way we like and make it easy for us to move a bunch of transactions between categories.

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