Getting Started with Wallet 4

Wallet is an income and expense tracking mobile app that helps you budget, track your spending, and reach your goals. If you are ready to get in control of your finances, this guide will help you get started with Wallet.

Step 1: Install the Wallet Mobile App

Download and install the latest Wallet version (currently version 4.0.0), from the Google Play app store or

Step 2: Create a New Account With Wallet

Creating an account with Wallet is easy. To get started, sign up using Google, Facebook or email. As soon as you sign up, you have access to your account for free.

Step 3: Set Your Default Currency

Select your default currency. You can also add multiple currencies.

Note: You're not able to change the default currency once it is set.

Step 5: Connect Your Accounts

Adding your bank account is simple. Search for the name of your financial institution, click on their name, and use the same login information to sync accounts.

Note: Bank account connections are available on paid plans only. Upgrade to Premium to connect your bank.


Step 6: Add widgets

Pick and choose the charts and graphs you would like displayed on your dashboard. You can add a widget and display multiple charts and graphs on the dashboard to help you visualize your data. Choose from balance charts, cash-flow chart, pie chart, recurrent payments calendar, and more.

Note: Some charts and graphs are available on paid plans only.

Step 7: Track Income and Expenses

Tracking your income and expenses helps you understand how much money you have to work with and where your money is going. Adding a new record (transaction) is quick and easy. You can manually add cash transactions, assign a category and create custom sub categories.

If you have linked bank accounts you will be able to see all your transactions at a glance. ATM withdrawals will not show up in your transactions, so be sure to add these transactions manually to track your spending.

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