How does group sharing work?

Group sharing makes it easy to share the same Wallet (account) with multiple people. You are able to create a group and manage lists of members who need access to the same information. If you want to create your own group, keep in mind that you'll first need to be on a premium plan to be an “Organization Admin” for your group. The number of people you are allowed to invite to your group depends on which plan you are on.

As the premium account owner you will be able to add a group, add and remove members of the group, as well as set members’ permission levels.

All group members will see the groups they are a part of in their personal Wallet account. Each member will be able to see both their own personal Wallet and any groups shared with them. Members will need to switch from their personal Wallet to the shared group Wallet in order to add accounts and enter records in this shared space. Any activity recorded in your own personal Wallet is not synced with the shared group account.

Once you've set up your group, here's how to switch to the shared account.

  1. Open the side menu and click on the drop down menu arrow at the top of the page where your name and email address is located
  2. Tap on the shared group

Note: Before you can see the shared account you need to accept the email invitation first. 

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