Premium account benefits

The premium trial version allows you to try out all the paid Premium features.

  • Above all, you can connect all your bank accounts / credit cards and see all your transactions in one place.
  • You can share your Wallet account with a group of friends / family. As a result, they will see everything you see in your account.
  • Your trial will end after 14 days, at which time your Wallet app will become Premium, and you will be charged the appropriate price for a yearly Premium plan (formerly known as the Master plan) for your region.

How to cancel Trial Premium:

GPlay app or Google Play Store account if purchased via GP, under the Main Menu > Subscriptions > Wallet trial> Cancel Subscription. 

To view your list of subscriptions, you can follow this link: 

or Apple Store if purchased through iTunes/App Store

You must cancel BEFORE your trial ends to not be charged for Premium. 

*Please note, Wallet's free trial allows unlimited bank-connected accounts and Group Sharing!

* To enter the free trial you have to connect to the monthly or yearly plan, you will not be able to enter trial mode if you select the lifetime plan.

* If you are not able to start a trial, please write back to us and we will be happy to activate it for you manually.

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