Wallet users will see that the Dashboard is transformed into two sections: Wallet Now and Accounts.


Wallet Now  'Wallet Now' has helpful information such as Statistics dashboard, Recommended Actions, Notifications, Tips, and the Game; and an overview of your Goals, Budgets, and Planned Payments for Android users. Scroll through to get an overall picture of (and helpful tips about) your finances! 

You can navigate to almost all the most important features on Wallet right from the Wallet now screen.

Accounts  In this section, you'll see all your accounts as before, but we've brought them all to a single screen! Instead of swiping to see your different accounts, simply tap on the account you want to see. Wallet will grey out the other accounts and you can view data for that specific account. 

*Added feature! You can now long tap on a second account (and third, etc.) and Wallet will display data for the combination of accounts! To clear out your selection, simply tap on 'Select all' to start over. Please note that the Widgets you choose will now remain the same for every account. 

*Tip: Wallet will always reopen to the last section you were in, so you can choose how often you'd like to see Wallet Now! 


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