Additional Tips for How to Start

  • In case you have no records history, you may start by building your Contact list first. When doing this don't forget to review the default structure of Categories in Board, so that you can adjust to better reflect groupings of your Contacts (customers, vendors, employees, etc.) in a way that you are used to and that best reflects your particular business.
  • If you have multiple businesses that make a decision and you want to see their overall performance together, add all accounts into Board under a single sign-on. In case you want to see their performance always strictly separated, use different user sign-on (email addresses) for each business. You can also combine both approaches.
  • If you want multiple users contributing to Board, use sharing mode and invite other users. You as a master can control what they can see and do in your Board. You may choose this option in case you want somebody else to enter or reconcile data in Board. You may also use this mode to give access to your stakeholders.
  • In case you are already using our other product - Wallet - and would want to migrate your records' history into Board, you can do so by using the export and import functions. For data consistency reasons, we don't support direct migration between these two products.
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