Introduction to Board

Welcome to Board - a tool that will help you to understand your business performance and drive its future growth, profitability, and cash flow.

Board is for managers and owners of small businesses who lack the management information needed to drive their business. Board is a mobile-first business management platform that uniquely combines business planning, sales tracking, and cash flow management.

Board will become your mobile tool useful when you can’t get an accurate, real-time view of your business finances on the go. It will provide you with forecasts and timely alerts when you can’t afford to be surprised by business finance problems. Board automates what it can to let you focus on business performance, not tedious reporting work. However, Board is not magical, as it comes empty and it's your task to give it a breath of life at the beginning.

Please follow the steps suggested in the application on-boarding dialogue to turn Board into a powerful tool, starting by adding accounts, uploading records history, setting rules for categorization, and assigning your contacts. You will see the benefits immediately on the way!

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