What data does Board look for in my file?

Currently, Board only supports CSV, XLS, and OFX files. Please make sure of the below-given minimum requirements before you import a data file:

Minimum required information

For Board to generate a Record from your data, it must at least have information about the Amount and Date for every transaction. Board may not support your file if it doesn’t contain relevant data to match these fields. Dates must be in number or English format.

Currency does not match

Board may not support files that contain transactions in currencies different from the one your account is set to. Please check this before you Import.

Delimiter character

Currently, Board only supports files with the delimiter characters comma (,), semicolon (;) and hashtag (#). If your file has a delimiter character other than these, you could:

  1. Edit the file on MS Excel and change the delimiter character to one of the above and save it as a CSV file.
  2. Make a request via this form to our developers for your delimiter character to be supported in future releases.
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