Introduction to Categories

Categories in Board help to organize past records as well as future plans into aggregated structures - both for income as well as expenses.

Think of categories as a breakdown of cash flow and/or profit & loss statement, at which you want to see aggregated results of your business.

The categories are structured into a three-level tree.

Level 1 comes predefined in Board,

Level 2 comes as a customizable template, and

Level 3 is empty but available for a user to custom define.

The first level is fixed in order to correctly further aggregate data into operating revenue and costs, as opposed to other cash flow. This distinction is used throughout Board to give you a specific view of your operating results, clear of one-time funding or asset purchase events. However, you will always see the full cash flow picture of your business.

Note: If your records automatically upload from your bank, the categories are automatically assigned based on rules that you custom define. In case a record is not assigned to a category, create a new specific rule or update the existing categorization rule.

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