Manage Contacts

Activity 1 - Create a new contact

  • You can add a Contact from the contact list by using the PLUS sign.
  • You can also add a Contact from records history when editing a record and/or when creating a rule for that particular record.


Activity 2 - Set plan per contact

  • Use the Planned Payments tab on a Contact screen to set future cash flow for that contact. Use the PLUS sign to add a planned payment.
  • Add as many plans as you need. For example: You have a vendor X that charges you monthly for services consumed and a fixed fee twice a year. In this case, you shall set up two planned payments, both recurring, but one monthly and one semi-annually.


Activity 3 - Review and update status

  • Regularly review the status signs in your Contact list. They indicate if a Contact has a plan and if a payment is due soon or overdue.
  • Check the details of your Contact transactions and plans. Mark planned payments as paid if this is the case, to keep your cash flow plans up to date.
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