You can enable Wallet to be a bit smarter for you with Smart Assistant! Turn it on in Main Menu > Settings > Smart Assistant and Wallet will remind you to enter a Record based on your location. For example, if you spend time at a supermarket, Smart Assistant may notify you to enter a Record! 

Please note you may need to enable location services for Wallet in your phone's settings for Smart Assistant to work. 

*'Hey Budget Bakers, I live next to a hair salon. Wallet's Smart Assistant keeps telling me to add a Record for this business! What can I do?' Don't worry, you can ban this place from Smart Assistant! Simply go under Wallet Now and find the card with this notification on it. Tap on the 'X' in the upper right corner. A bar will appear at the bottom of your screen with an option to ban this place; tap on it (quickly, before it disappears)! 

If you want to remove a place from your list of Banned Places, go to the Main Menu > Smart Assistant > Banned places management > trash icon to the right of the specific place. 


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