Account Creation and Settings

You can add as many accounts as you need from the Home Screen or Settings. When doing so you will be first prompted to select one of three methods of transaction history upload:

(1) Bank sync,

(2) File import, or

(3) Manual records keeping. 

For the specific account added you can change the method in the future, for example, to disconnect it from a bank.


Account Settings

  • You can always access accounts you add to Board and change their settings, for example, Initial balance is a property that you can change in accounts not connected to a bank. The initial balance value plus all records on that account will then make up the account's actual balance.
  • You can set overdraft or credit limit values for respective types of accounts. Then you can choose to see the account balance as 'actual' balance or 'available' balance. Available balance includes additional overdraft or credit limit available on your account, and so is by definition higher than your actual balance.
  • Other important properties - Archived and Excluded from Stats - determine if and how Board treats a particular account's balance and history. If you choose Archived then this account will not be displayed in the Board listings and filters, however, its balance and records history will be included in all statistics. If you choose Excluded from Stats then this account will not influence any of the statistics in Board. Of course, you can choose both properties and in that case, the account will not be seen in Board nor influence the stats at the same time.
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