Additional Tips for Categories

Tip 1 - Unassigned record alerts

  • Board will alert you when some records are not assigned to categories. This will happen either because you have not set a rule for that particular payment, or simply because the payment went to/from a counterparty you have not yet dealt with before. 

Tip 2 - Record loans to their contacts

  • When dealing with Loans, make sure that you correctly record the initial funding and the repayment(s) not only into the appropriate categories BUT ALSO to the same Contact (Lender). This help Board to correctly calculate your outstanding debt position with each lender.

Tip 3 - Categorizing tax-related records

  • Board is not an accounting system but a managerial one. Therefore, Board currently does not support any tax-related calculations specific for your country. However, it can correctly represent taxes paid, plan for the taxes to be paid, and provide you with most of the inputs needed for your tax system. Here are a few suggestions for how to categorize tax-related records:
    • Use Other Bills & Charges category for money spent on income and similar taxes
    • Use Other Revenues category for VAT refunds or Sales Tax if paid separately by your customers
    • Use Payroll & Travel category for employee-related taxes

Tip 5 - Understand Fixed & Variable Costs

  • In some of the Board's charts, we use the terms Fixed and Variable Costs. Fixed costs include categories of money that are spent regardless of the number of products sold or customers served (for example Space Rent). Variable costs do have this dependence (for example Inventory Purchased).


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  • Contacts
  • Planned Payments
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