What's New in Wallet for Android 6.0

We are excited to introduce the changes we've made to Wallet! We listened to your feedback and we believe this update is right in line with our goal to help us all better understand where and how we're spending our money.

Our Statistics modules are better than ever. Under the Wallet Now tab you'll see the new 'Wallet Dashboard'. Choose between viewing Charts about your Balance, Cash-flow, Outlook, Spending, Credit, and Debt. When you tap on any of these, you can then navigate between them by swiping. At the bottom of the screen you'll see the given time period; you can choose a different time period by swiping left here too. 

The Records view has changed. Choose the time period of your displayed Records at the bottom of the screen by tapping on the given time period options or swiping left. Also, you can now select a Record by gently swiping right on it to reveal a green √. The total balance of the selected Record or Records will display at the top of your screen; select as many as you want! If you swipe gently left on a Record, you'll see options to 'Split', 'Clone', or 'Delete' that Record. 

Now you can change how your credit card balance is displayed. When you set up the account, select the type as 'credit card' by tapping on the Type field. Then in the 'Balance Display Options' field, choose either 'Available Credit' or 'Credit Balance'. This gives you the power to choose how you'd like to view your card's balance in Wallet. 

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