How can I remove duplicate records on WEB?

So you've come across several duplicated records on your bank-connected account and you are wondering how to remove them all at once? Don't worry we have a solution for that! We're introducing a new Web App's function that enables you to handle duplicated records easily.

Simply enter your credentials to log into your Wallet account on our Web app.

You'll see an option menu along the left side of your screen. Click on Records and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Mark the records you want Wallet to check for duplicates. You can select more records at once. 


Step 2: If any duplicated records are included in your selection, Wallet will recognize* them and display the option to 'Solve Duplicities' on top.


Step 3: When you click on the 'Solve Duplicities' button, your records will get checked and you'd be able to choose which of the records you want to keep. The others will be removed.


!! Please, be careful when selecting the records. Once you confirm, it is not possible to retrieve the data.  

Step 4: Confirm your selection and 'Save'. Congratulations, you're done! 


*Note: Wallet will recognize your records as duplicates if:

- They are from the bank-connected account
- Have the same amount and currency
- Are of the same type (income/expense/transfer etc.)
- They were generated under the same bank account
- They are already cleared by your bank (uncleared records cannot be checked)
- The difference in date is max. 10 days between each another

More details on how to merge duplicate transactions here: How do I MERGE duplicate transactions (Android only)?

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