How to create an AUTOMATIC RULE?

To create an Automatic rule

1. Go to settings

2. Automatic rules

3. Create a new rule

4. Select the matching criteria (Netflix, HBO, Vodafone, account number etc) - (It has to match the notes in your transaction)

5. Type (Income/expense or none for non-specification)

6. Actions (Change the category - or leave it blank for no change)

7. Create a label (auto-assign to new records - toggle on for it to assign to past and present transactions)

8. Push notification (Toggle on/off)

9. Select the ✅​ icon

If you have selected the on toggle via push notifications, it will bring you to all the similar transactions, past and present. You can then quickly check over these and select/deselect any transactions you want.


Note: This is available for Android & Web-App Wallet & Web-App Board

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    Hernán Malatini

    Is there any way to specify a generic matching or a regular expresion that all the transactions apply for the rule? Or all the transactions from an specific account apply for the rule?

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    Olá, eu quero o aplicativo Netflix com Vodafone porque eu quero fazer compra, muito obrigado pela vossas compreensão

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