All about Premium Trial

Available for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web app

Premium account benefits

The premium trial version allows you to try out all the paid Premium features.

  • Above all, you can connect all your bank accounts / credit cards and see all your transactions in one place.
  • You can share your Wallet account with a group of friends / family. As a result, they will see everything you see in your account.
  • Premium subscriptions are applicable on all platforms just just make sure to login with the same email address registered in Wallet.  

*Please note: Wallet was initially created for Android, so we have more features on this version right now. Some features are missing on iOS and Web version, but our developers actively work on features that will give the users more control over their individual settings.


To enter the free trial you have to connect to the monthly or yearly plan, you will not be able to enter trial mode if you select the lifetime plan. 

  • Your trial will end after 14 days, at which time your Wallet app will become Premium, and you will be charged the appropriate price for a yearly Premium plan (formerly known as the Master plan) for your region.

How to cancel your Premium Trial:

*GPlay app or Google Play Store subscriptions can be cancelled under the Main Menu > Subscriptions > Wallet trial> Cancel Subscription. 

You can view your list of subscriptions here.  

*Apple Store -  please cancel your subscription via  iTunes/App Store  

* Web App - please cancel your subscription on Wallet Web version and go to Settings > General >  Billing> find your subscription and cancel it. 

You must cancel BEFORE your trial ends so you don't get charged for Premium. 

* If you are not able to start a trial, please contact our support via "Help" icon on your app and we will be happy to activate it for you manually.

*Please note, Wallet's free trial allows unlimited bank-connected accounts and Group Sharing!

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